Thursday, May 5, 2016

#93 Not a "Maud"er's Day Gift

Hey Trenders!
Today I have decided to bring an item to your attention.
A friend of mine was having issues with a skin she purchased that was a Mother's day Promo.
This skin was available at 7 Deadly Skins and was only 50 Linden.
Considering her usual prices you would think this was a steal but let me tell you right now it's a con.
My friend sent me the 50 linden to buy the skin just to see if I had similar problems.
Once I applied the skin I was appalled by the lack of quality craftsmanship that went into the skin.
My friend also informed me that when she took her issues to their group she was pretty much told to suck it up and stop "bitching" by the groups ravenous fan girls.
So in addition to a poor quality skin the customer service was terrible as well.
Due to these Reason I am posting Do Not Buy article for the first time ever!

Now Pictured above you will see the biggest part is the In World ad for this skin.
For this I was wearing a Maitreya mesh body one of the most commonly used bodies in SL.
I also used Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim Windlight setting to make certain I had no shadows.
As You can see there are multiple seams in places where their shouldn't be along the bottoms of the feet and around the ankles, At the top of the butt, along the sides of the breasts, and probably the worst seam of all around the neck you can see this seam from a mile off.
Not to mention the Horrible shading for the cleavage, butt cleavage, and elbow wrinkles.
Definitely the most horrendous part of this whole skin is the horrible rotten meat that she trys to pass off as a vagina.
Do not buy this skin even if it is only 50 Linden it is not worth your time or money!

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