Friday, April 8, 2016

#92 Leather Plavalaguna Concubine

Hey there trenders!
Now that I have finished moving IRL I can bring you ten times more awesomeness to enjoy!
Today we have three things each from a different sponsor!

First up from Stix we have, Chiyo 'Plavalaguna' part of the Fairplay Gatcha which is 25 L$ a pull, it includes all appliers as well as varying layers for different eyebrow, cleavage, and pubic hair options.

Next from Mistique we have Scarlett Leather V1, A simple leather mini dress type number usuable by any slave girl whether she be in GE or BtB Gorean roleplay or even medieval fantasy.

And Lastly from ~*Souzou Eien*~ we have Concubine's Rest - Cage Chair, part of The Challenge event, it features several set up options including a draped or hung chain, as well as a color changing HUD, and 12 different changeable poses.

So Let's take a look shall we.