Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#90 Tea and Murder

Hey trenders!
Today a bring you a special event item from Stix,
 as well as several items from our long time sponsor Venomous Rage Designs.

First up from Stix we have Bo part of the special offerings for Skin Fair 2016!
All Skin Fair 2016 items from Stix are exclusive for the duration of the event 
as well as being 30% off their usual price while at the event.
As with all Stix skins they include multiple cleavage, Brow, Nipple and pubic options
 as well as skin tones and appliers.

Additionally From Venomous Rage Designs we have three items.
First we have a lovely dress known as Tea and Maho a slinky little number feature a recolor hud with five different color options.
As Well as Wicked a pair of Strappy Heels with a color change HUD of their own designed for slink high feet.
and Lastly from Venomous Rage Designs we have Steam Punk Cyborg a Gatcha with in store with multiple leg attachments all in a Steam Punk theme to make it look as though you've been cybernetic enhanced to perform at your maximum potential.

So Let's take a look!

Shoes: {VRD} Wicked

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