Sunday, February 28, 2016

#89 Mary Sue Sunye

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you two more items.
One from our long time sponsor Stix and one for our good friend Rag Dollz!
So let's Begin.

First from Stix we have her latest group gift skin a lovely little number called Nighe :Devotion:.
As with all Stix's skins it comes with all the appliers that one could ever need and more as well as options for multiple color eyebrows or no brows, cleavage options, and nipple-less options.

Now from Rag Dollz we have something that I have had people asking me where to find for years.
Well everyone let me tell you the wait is over.
From Rag Dollz I bring you Mary Sue.
A Classic poodle skirt outfit!
Yeah that's right a poodle skirt!
Coming with omega and standard SL clothing layers as well as both a pair of heels or tennis shoes.
This 50's classic is ready for any situation.
It Comes in either pink or blue and Blue is currently on the group MM board.
So Bop on down and get yours now!

Now let's see how these look!


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