Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#64 Anchors Away Bunny

Hey there Trenders!

Today I'm bringing you another set of items from The Beached Bunny Hunt.
These items will be the prizes from Pixel Perfect Productions and Cupcake Clothing.

As the sign in my sidebar will note The Beached Bunny Hunt starts July 3rd so these are previews and I hope you enjoy and go find these prizes when the hunt begins.

So here we have the Anchors Away Dress from Cupcake clothing coming in all the standard mesh sizes and includes an alpha layer.
Also We have a sunglasses and beach hat combo from Pixel Perfect Productions.
The Flip Flops are part of an outfit from LOoLOo that will be blogged more thoroughly at a later date.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

#63 Dreaming Beach Goddess

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you a preview of two items from The Beach Bunny Hunt!

First we have a hair from !Head desk! it's called Selene w/ Hat.
Featuring a mesh hair and hat with a color change HUD for the hair in four basic colors.

Secondly we have an outfit from PREY that doesn't seem to have a name other then beach bunny hunt prize.
The Top is called Goddess Top and comes in the standard Mesh sizes.
The shorts are called Dreamer Shorts and also come in all the standard mesh sizes.

So let's take a look.

Sunburn Layer: Delia's Sunburn female

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#62 Anderea's Bastion

Hey Trenders!
Today I bring you two new releases from our good friends at Venomous Rage Designs.
First we have Anderea which comes in a variety of colors and the usual standard mesh sizes and includes a matching jacket.
Second we have Bastion Boots also in a full range of sizes and includes a color change HUD.
Both of these items are available in world for L$ 200 each.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

#61 Name Me Mafia

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you a new release from our long time friend PixyStix!

This PixyStix New item is a group gift with a bit of a contest attached to it.
So it would seem our poor Pixy has made so many skins she's running out of name ideas.
So this is your chance to help her out.
Here's the deal:

1. Put on your PixyStix Group Tag - this is only available for group members.
2. Wear the Skin.
3. Think of the awesomest name ever!!
4. Create NC named- PS Name Contest (your name here)
5. Drop in the mailbox right under the gift.

Now what is the prize well the winner in the Name this Skin contest will not only receive the item prior to release, but they will receive a full fatpack!
Entries will be closed by June 26th so hurry over and get yours in now.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

#60 Delirium Spider Kisser

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you an outfit I've put together off the notion of what if the Drow lived in our modern day and age but still head with their beliefs and religions.
So without further introduction let's take a look at what I came up with.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#59 Cheema D'ali

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you an item from The White Armory!
Their Lovely new release Cheema D'ali and the matching boots (sold seperately).
Cheema D'ali comes in 7 colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Crimson, Hunter, Ice, and Turquoise) with two accent options (Silver and Gold).
Comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and includes leggings in either black or white with an applier for Maitreya Lara.
They are available for L$250 each in World at The White Armory.
The boots come in three colors (Black, Brown, and Ice) and are available for L$ 150 each.
They can be purchased in world at The White Armory.
Now Let's take a look.

Sword: Invictus 2H