Thursday, June 26, 2014

#31 Oona Sparkles At OhMyGatcha

Hey there Trenders!
Today I've got a treat for you mmhmm.
I got a sneak peak at an item set from the OhMyGatcha Fair opening July 1st.
This is entry is from my long standing sponsor PixyStix.
So without further delay.

PixyStix has made her entry with three rares and eight commons.
One of the rares as well as one of the commons are pictured in this post.
First off the commons are the bodysuits they are called [PS] It Sparkles!
They come in eight different colors and include appliers for 
all the major boobs and butts as well as the WoWMeh and Omega Mesh bodies.
All items in this Gatcha will cost 50 Linden per play.
And the fair itself will boast items in the price range of 25L$ to 100L$.

Now how about them three rares well one of the rares is a fat pack of all the commons.
The other two well those would be the skins [PS] Oona Precious and [PS] Oona Reverie.
These also come with an alternate version of the Silver and Gold Bodysuits that are sheer one for each but I'm not gonna tell you which one comes with which it would ruin the surprise.
Reverie is the skin I used in these pictures and I find it wonderfully made as usual from Pixy.
All the rares also include appliers for the major boobs and butts 
as well as for the WoWMeh and Omega bodies.

Additional Credits:

Friday, June 20, 2014

#30 Columbia in Rhinestones

Hey there Tiny Trenders!
Today I bring you a few items.
One from our lovely Sponsor Toxic High.
The other two from two amazing designers.

So first off we have these lovely jeans from Toxic High.
They are call *ToXiC*H* Minaj Pants and come in two versions one with rhinestones and one with out.
They come in your standard 5 rigged mesh sizes and include a texture change HUD.

Now onward to the next item which is from .:.CoCoChes.:.
It's called Columbian Jumpsuit and it's the new group gift in store.
As with all of .:.CoCoChes.:. stuff it includes appliers for all the major Mesh parts including wowmeh.
Making it a great item to wear by itself or with something else.

Lastly we have some sensuous shoes from Bootgasm.
They make an excellent addition to just about any outfit and come with a hud to change skin tone, toe nail color, resize them, and turn on an off those sounds that we all know high heels make as you walk.

Additional Credits:
(Currently not being sold)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#29 Sterling Queen

Hey there trenders!
Today I bring you a freebie skin.
Yeah yeah I know eww free skins always suck.
Well your wrong this one is a Group Giftie from PixyStix and it fuckin' Rocks!

This is [PS] ::Iridia:: Sterling GG and can I just say yum.
It comes with High Cleavage and No Cleavage Options.
It also comes with no nipple and no brow options as well as a tintable brow tattoo layer should you want it.
As always with PixyStix Skin it comes with appliers for Lola compatible boobs, WoWMeh Mesh Bodys, Loud Mouth, Baby Bump, Slink Hands and Feet, Ghetto Bootie, Phat Azz, Cute Azz, and Brazillia.
Her group is free to join and of course there are many other group gifts and two Midnight Manias, Two Lucky Letters and a Mini Mania as well. Not to mention the plethora of hunts she is always involved in.

Additional Credits:
Pubes: HAIRY PUBES (I have full perm copy been discontinued)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#28 Black Wine, Ambrosia of the Tahari

Hey there trenders!
Today I bring you some more stuff from our beloved Moon-Sha.
So without further ado let's get to it!.

If you remember not too long ago I blogged some pants from Moon-Sha called Tahari Pants.
Well pictured above is a recent release from Moon-Sha called Tahari Tops.
As you can probably guess from the name they are the match to the pants.
The tops though are pretty much only designed for women although I'm sure some of you more industrious males could work out how to get them to fit you.
The tops come in four parts a vest, a bra, a turban, and a veil.
To save from the picture looking too busy I left the headgear off.
As with the pants the tops come in several standard mesh sizes and include an alpha to help fit more snugly.

Also recently released from Moon-Sha black wine trays on a Gatcha model.
These are called exactly what they look to be Black Wine Tray.
They come in a variety of colors including 4 common, 4 uncommon, 4 rare, and 4 ultra-rare.
For simplicity sake I just pictured the Ultra-rare Gold and black variety.
These come with both a wearable version that is animated and gives a cup of black wine 
and an unscripted rezzable version and will be going for 20 L$ a piece.

Additional Credits:
First Special Thanks to Dante Inferno for taking the time to pose for this picture with me.