Thursday, May 29, 2014

#27 Fish-O-Maniac

Hello Hello Tiny Trenders!
Thanks to my Two new amazing sponsors I can foresee there will be many posts to come.
That's right I said two!
I'm proud to announce that Toxic High has added me to their Roster of Bloggers.
So to Celebrate I have decided to pop out a lovely post just for them.

This lovely little number is called Nymphomaniac Mini Purple.
As you can see it leaves very little to the imagination.
As such I think it's a perfect outfit for all you Gorean Slave Girls out there.
It comes with the Toxic High applier HUD that covers a large number of mesh body parts including:
Lola Tangos, WoWMeh, Baby Bump, Perfect Bum, Brazillia, Phat Azz, and [Banned].
It's New over at Toxic High so hurry over and get it so you cna be the first of your friends to own it.

Additional Credits:
(makable using the G&S RP Meter System)
(for this post I used the Insize and included hands and feet)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#26 Taharian Dancer

Hey there Trenders!
I know I been away for awhile but c'est la vie.
So I have a super cool new sponsor the amazing [Moonlight Shadow].

So without further ado let's begin.

These are a lovely little number great for all you Gorean RPers or if your into the Arabian sands environment.
They come in tons of amazing colors but to save from overwhelming you with options
 I simply blogged the Brown - Yellow color option without the boots.
I find them a wonderful addition to my RPs in desert themed region and
 cause they are unisex they look great on guys or gals.

As you can see in the background here I am dancing in a pit of sand for these picture well guess what?
Yup that's another [Moonlight Shadow] product isn't it great you can go to one store and
 get two things for your story line and not have to travel all over SL to do it!
This one is called "Moon_Sha" Sand Pit.
It comes with little fire bowels all around it and twelve total dance animations built right in.
It's a simple to operate device as well just sit on it and select the dance you wish to use.
If for some reason the menu closes just click it and re open the menu.

Additional Credits: