Sunday, March 30, 2014

#25 Feral Narcissism in the Vanity Hunt

Hey Trenders!
I bring you more previews of The Sinister Goth Vanity Hunt.
In case you missed my last Post this is a hunt
that will be going on from April 1 through  April 30.

First off we have this lacey sheer outfit from ***MISS JEWELL***
It comes on the standard SL clothing layers so 
unless you have a full mesh avatar you should be able to fit it.
A good little outfit for a late night with your partner or if you work at one of those adult clubs.

Next we have an item from ~*Souzou Eien*~.
A handsome little choker called ~*S.E.*~ Narcisuss's Looking Glass.
It comes with a color change script to match any outfit you can think of.
It's full mesh and has the amazing intricate detail we have come to expect of mesh items.

Lastly we have an item from VerseEye.
They have contributed a lovely set of mesh eyes to this hunt.
They are called VerseEye - Feral
and come in a variety of sizes including two for petites 
and a set that is not mesh but just base SL avatar.

So make sure your ready for The Sinister Goth Vanity Hunt.
April 1 through  April 30.

Friday, March 28, 2014

#24 Yours So Vane I bet you think this post is about you!

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you a preview of good things to come!
These items will be available in The Sinister Goth Vanity Hunt.
Which Begins April First and Lasts until  April 30.

So this lovely Gown is the prize available from ..::Nightmare Design::...
A beautiful Purple Gown that is full mesh and comes in the 5 Standard Mesh Sizes.
Great for parties or balls or just strutting around and feeling better then everyone else.
It also comes with a Bustle not depicted here.

Another item available in The Vanity Hunt we have this adorable hair.
It's available at LaNoir Soleil Designs and is called Lolly.
It comes with a hud to change the colors of the bows.

These two items are a great sample of the 
many wonderful things to be found in The Sinister Goth Vanity Hunt.
So feel free to check it out!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#23 Dark Rainbows and Stepped on Hearts

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you a bunch of items from all across the grid.
So let's get to it with a full body shot of the entire ensemble.

Alright lets kick it off with the base outfit.
It's a mesh item and comes with a color change hud and is available in five standard mesh sizes.
The pants are another Delirium Style item.
They are called Angelina Pants.
They also come with a color change hud with one set of colors for the pants 
and a second set of colors for the straps.
They also come in the same five standard mesh sizes.

Also included in this post are two items from -Luckie-.
These items are available only at the Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair.
Available in 15 colors, 12 common ones and 3 rare all of them come with a sparkle particle effect.
Then we have -Luckie- Rainbow Wand.
Available in the same 15 colors so you can match and they also have the particle effect.
The Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair runs from March 12 - 31, so get them while you can.

Next we got a hair from +Black Maria+.
This is available from their Lucky letter board 
and is one of the several colors they have available in the board.
The letter changes every ten minutes so if you really want one 
you don't have to wait around too much for your letter to pop.

And lastly we have some slink nail appliers from Dark Passions.
These were released around Halloween and have appliers for both hands and feet.
The applier HUD comes with several varying colors.

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