Friday, February 28, 2014

#22 Emo Girl Runs in Sockies

Hey there Trenders!
I know it's been awhile but it was worth it trust me.
Today I bring you some new releases from -Luckie-.

First let's discuss this top.
This is a new release from -Luckie- Called Emo Girl Next Door.
A lovely little number that includes appliers for Lola Tang, Lola Mirage, Lush, and Xplosion Mesh Breast,
As well as Phat Azz, Brazillia, and Ghetto Mesh Asses.
It comes on all the clothing layers and includes a prim skirt that is modifiable to fit any of your ass needs.

And now lets discuss the other new release.
If you'll look to my legs these are another item from -Luckie-,
These are called Tempted Sockies!
They come with a basic clothing layer and Slink foot appliers.
And come in two different sets of 10 Colors.

Additional Credits:
Piercing is Pepa Nose Piercing
Eyes are ND/MD Cat Eyes

Monday, February 10, 2014

#21 Biker at the Thrift Shop

Hey there Trenders!
Today I bring you more items from Luckie!
These items are in the Thrift Shop event.

First let's talk about this top. 
A lovely little top with lace across the upper half give a nice little peek-a-boo effect.
They are called Tameless Peasant Tops and they will be available on the sale floor for the Thrift Shop event.
They come in ten different colors and include appliers for Lola Tangos, Lola Mirage and Lush Mesh Breasts, as well as appliers for Baby Bump and Slink Hands.
All these tops will be half price for the Thrift Shop event.

Next we have the Pantie Peekie Jeans.
These jeans have a nice addition of the lace from your panties peeking just out the top of them.
These will also be available on the sales floor of the Thrift Shop event
and come with appliers for Phat Azz and Brazilia.

Now lets talk about the Gatcha items.
That's right Thrift Shop event has Gatchas and Luckie has two items in em.
First let me direct your eyes to that pretty shiny thing on my head.
That is our first lovely gatcha item called a Shimmer Crown.
These crowns are built of shiny little particles and the rare ones even have bubbling effects.
The second Gatcha item available at the Thrift Shop event can be seen below.
They are called Panda Glam Rings. They come in a variety of colors as well including Jelly and Toxic.
I find them a fun little add on to most any outfit and with 
so many colors to choose you always have one to match.
It is important to note these Gatcha items are not going to be exclusive to the Thrift Shop event,
while the items on the sale floor will be.

Additional Credits:
Piercing is Pepa Nose Piercing

Sunday, February 2, 2014

#20 Tinkie Winkie Water

Hey Trenders!
Today I bring you an item from -Luckie-.
This is the hunt prize for the Jack or Jill Hunt.
This hunt began February 1st and lasts till the 28th.

So without further ado Tinkie Winkie.

This is a lovely pale pink body suit with a bit of lace trim to accentuate it.
Good for just about any occasion, From Clubbing to swimming to just hanging around.
It comes on all the standard SL clothing layers to 
make sure of optimal compatibility with any other outfits.

This outfit also comes with appliers for Brazillia, Phat Azz, 
Lola Tango, Lola Mirage, Lush Mesh Breasts, and Baby Bump.
As I said it is a hunt prize for the Jack or Jill hunt so it will only be available for a limited time.
So make sure you drop by -Luckie- and try and find it ASAP.

Additional Credits:
Eyes are ND/MD Cat eyes
Piercing is Pepa Nose Piercing