Thursday, November 28, 2013

#007 Tiny Agent Man

Hey there Blog Viewers!
Today I bring you a very special post courtesy of my good friend Khalidu.
That's right a Male item.

So without further Fuss and frills I present...

This full mesh suit is one of several color options in Pekas Urban Department
Being full mesh it will fit any size avatar as long as you choose the size appropriate for you.
My Good Friend Khalidu tells me he likes to wear it for just about any occasion.
He also tells me when ever he wears it he gets the irresistible urge to say Good Evening Mr. Bond.
Can't tell why he would want to do that with the fancy suit and eye patch and all. XP

Other Credits:
Skin is Jaden3 skin 00 +Tattoo Gift from Heaven's Gate Neo
Patch is Space pirate "Eye patch2" from ANAHEIM ELECTRONICS JAPAN

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#006 Bunny Playtime

And another post bites the dust.
Ok so today I bring you an item from Deviance.
This item is available from their Lucky Chair and looks amazing considering the Price.

I present Playboy Bunny

Sorry couldn't help myself had to Duckface it.
Such a classic girl trying to be sexy outfit just called for a duckface.
As you can see it comes in the classic pink with all the fixings.
As it took no modification at all it gets a 0 for modablity.

Other Credits:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#005 A Jerky Turkey and a Bad Fox

Hey Tiny Trenders have I got something  for you.
Today I bring you a hunt prize for the Jerky Turkey Hunt.
Available from Bad Fox Designs.

I bring you Nozomi the Bad Fox.

This lovely outfit comes with lola tango appliers for you mesh boob types.
As well as jean cuffs in either sculpt or base LL jean styles.
The open zipper hoodie is Mesh and allows for good Show of the shirt beneath.
Which has a Konuichi sort of vibe to it and when you turn around.

It features a lovely Sketch of Nozomi herself the Bad Fox.
This set also comes with a golden Nine Tail and Fox ears but 
they took up to much image space so I lost them to better so off the outfit itself.

Additional Credits:
Nose ring from LUAS PEPA RED

Monday, November 25, 2013

#004 Mild to Wild

Gotta keep them rolling or we loose our momentum how about it.
Today I bring you a recent release from Deathrow Designs.

I have named this post Mild to Wild as these clothing items 
come with so many color options you can make them 
as mild as a school teacher to as wild as a dark elf.

Let's start with Mild and work our way over to Wild.

The two Items we're exhibiting today are the -DRD- short blouse and the -DRD- pencil skirt.
Pictured above we have one of the striped blouse options as the flat black fabric skirt.
To neutralize the effect of the belly showing I just threw on a plain black shirt under the Blouse
And wallah instant Teacher.

Ok now to get a little less Mild.

SO now we got a little punk rocker with her Skirt & Blouse being from the printed options.
As these items are all mesh and come in varying sizes its always simple to fit to your avi as long as your shape is withing the right range. Personally with my shape a Large does me most times.
As such with no adjustments needed this item gets a 1 for difficulty in making fit.

Finally Let's take a look at the Wild.

This one brings an option from the black tones blouses and 
just screamed Drow to me so that's where I went with it.
The skirts another of the Printed Options with the Big WILD stamped across the front.

Other Credits for Mild Option
Glasses are {VRD} Key Glasses

Other Credits for Punk Option

Other Credits for Wild Option
Lipstick is .:Pink Poison:. Black Tar Lipstick (unable to locate)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#03 Little Rustic Wench

Hey Everyone I know I been away for awhile but now 
I bring you another item for your large butt but short stature.

With out further a due I present to you Rag Dollz Rustic Wench

This lovely little number is perfect for any Game of Thrones or medieval RP.
As it took only light re-sizing of the skirt and belt 
I award this a 1 for difficulty in making fit a little person avatar.