Friday, September 27, 2013

#002 Red Dwarf Star

Woot! Just started and we're already on a roll.
This time I bring you another punk outfit this one from Delirium Styles.
A lovely combination of punk plaid pants and a simple off the shoulder top.
Combined together they make the outfit D-Style - Star Red.

This outfit is composed almost entirely of mesh and thus only gets a 1 on the scale of adaptability.
All that you really need to do is resize and reposition the belt and 
as it already has a script built in it's easy as peas.
It comes with a pair of boots but no matter how hard I tried they were being eaten into by the mesh pants.
So I changed them out for a nice pair of flats known as Checker Vans from Soken.

Hair is from Truth it's called Tilly
Skin is Penelope from Pixy Stix.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inaugural Post!

Welcome, Welcome to Tiny Trends the premier fashion blog for SL midget avis.
I'm your spunky blogger the amazing wonderfully sweet and not to mention modest Ska.

For our inaugural post I figured I'd figured I'd do something simple.
As we all know in real life midgets often wear child clothes as they are what fits best.
Well as we SL little people know this works in SL as well.

So without further ado I present Melissa from Catz Bratz.

This punky outfit comes with all the fixings 
and get an awesome 2 out of five on the adjustment difficulty scale.
Why two out of five you ask well that's simple in order to get that belt to fit properly I had to not only resize and position but I had to also rotate it so as not to cut into my stomach or my booty.
 But as you can see it is a classic look with a black tank top and simple black capris.
Throw in some leg warmers and flats and you got a timeless look throughout the ages.

Skin is from Pixy Stix
Hair is no longer available for purchase.
Shape is my own creation as most midget avis tend to do.